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Designed around you and the looks you need to promote yourself in your marketplace.

The Session

I offer the Speedy Pics service for those who really just need one great image and want it right away. Although this is a one look service I still want you to bring some styling options or multiple looks so that we can make sure we capture your best look. We might get that first try but even with this quick service I still don't limit my shooting, I shoot until I feel I have you covered. When we are done I’ve usually shot more than 50 images during this session. When I think I have your best shots we'll edit through them together and make your final image pick, if your debating between a couple of great choices and you want more time to decide I'll extend my service and set up a temporary gallery for you to view at your leisure and we can finish this service by email including my delivery of your final image file(s), all at no extra charge. This way you can share this link with friends, family, agents and anyone else who might help you choose the shots you decide to use. I will always share with you my image choices from my years of experience.

Your Image Files or Prints

Once you've chosen your final shot your image is processed and custom retouched before your final image file is made to your specifications, which is generally a 5" x 7", 300 ppi, RGB, jpg file. If you would like to make additional image choices those extra files ar $36./each. If you would like a Print as well as your imnage file just add an additional $10./each for a 5" x 7" Custom Print in Full Colour, Monochrome, Sepia or Black and White.

Your Clothing

It is important to be able to make styling decisions on set, to do this you will need to bring a variety of clothing options. You have to love what you bring! I don't want to shoot anything that you don't feel comfortable wearing. If you don’t feel comfortable in it, you won’t shoot well while wearing it. Remember, be yourself because this is where you can get some of your own personal style into the shot.  I suggest bringing a wide variety and lean towards solid colours (tops only, unless you want some 3/4 shots). Don't be seasonal, everything from t-shirts, tank tops to sweaters and light jackets can work. Textures are great but generally stay away from crazy patterns. Remember, if it's not in my studio we can't shoot it. If you find yourself questioning whether or not something will work just bring it. Bring your clothes on hangers to minimize wrinkles but don't worry we can always steam it here.

Hair and Makeup - Women

Makeup for the session is suggested for all women.  The cost is $50. Makeup is applied specifically for the lighting I use. we start with a natural look and add makeup as we move forward. The makeup artist is here throughout the session in order to give you a subtle range of looks. Please come with your hair ready as if you were going to an audition. Your hair in your headshot should match the way you will look in person. Feel free to bring whatever styling products you need in order to handle creating your look. My stylist is also trained and available to assist you with your hair, if something more than a little help is required then a hair styling fee is $20. should you need it.

Hair and Makeup - Men

It's not required, but men can hire a makeup artist if you feel you need grooming on the shoot for $40.  Also, for the guys who grow decent scruff or feel you can market yourself in that direction, you can come in with some growth and we'll shoot until we feel we've gotten it covered and then you can shave, so bring your razor, etc. Please take some time before arriving to look over your grooming.

My Fee- Speedy Pics Headshots

My Speedy Pics Headshots Rate is $146. plus Hst, that covers your photography, image selection and your first custom retouched image file.

Group Rate

This Discount is available for groups of 2 or more. Each additional person subtracts a cumulative $5. OFF down to a $96. per person minimum!
Location shoots are available with a $60. (in total within Niagara) set up fee.

Returning Clients

Once you've shot with me the first time you become eligible to take advantage of my discount offer to returning clients. Anytime we shoot Headshots together again, you will receive a 20% Discount off of your photography - Including Speedy Pics!

Kids Fee

For kids 16 and under I offer a 25% Discount off of your photography - Including Speedy Pics!


If for any reason you need to change a scheduled session, I require 72 hours notice, otherwise you forfeit your deposit.  However, if we are able to fill your slot with another client within the 72 hour period then we would credit your deposit towards your rescheduled session. The makeup artist requires cash the day of the shoot.


I'm happy to meet with you at the studio or chat on the phone about your Headshots Session. Consultations are Free.



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