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Brian Yungblut - Headshots Session Pricing Information

Brian offer a few pricing options and for you Headshots specific needs. Choose Corporate /Business Headshots if you need a Headshot look that will promote yourself in your industry. This session is up to 2 hours during which time Brian will shoot 3 looks. If your feeling like you want something quicker then try the Power Hour, Brian can capture 2 looks and you will still have many image options to choose from for your final image(s). Actor/Model specific Headshots are available and a Power Hour Session is offered with this package as well. Hair and Makeup Styling services are available and all image files or prints include Custom Retouching so you will look your best. Models Portfolio Headshots are another option for industry specific headshots for your portfolio or comp cards. Need an image in a hurry? Choose Brian's Speedy Pics Service for a one look session that includes your first retouched image file.

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Headshots - Photography Session Information

Designed around you and the looks you need to promote yourself in your marketplace.

' Speedy Pics Headshots - When you just need 1 great image, right away

' Corporate/Business Headshots - 3 looks aimed at promoting your image - Power Hour optional

' Actors/Models Headshots - 3 looks to capture your style - Power Hour optional

' Models Portfolios - 3 Editorial Fashion Looks to start or expand your Portfolio